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Reduce your advertising spend, improve SEO, and get new keyword ideas. Order keyword suggestions from our respondent panel or invite a friend or a colleague for free.

Tool Overview

Whether you are selling on Amazon, Etsy or have a shopify shore, the cost of advertising on the web continues to go up every year as more sellers compete. You have heard stories about seemingly impossible conversion rates. 

10%, 15%. Your product listing page comes nowhere close.

You understand the importance of organic visitors and have optimized your pages. But that Page 1 positioning remains distant.  


We understand. Which is where Keyword Research tool from Ninjafeedback can help. Our tool can help you:

  • Understand how US consumers make web searches and click on a  product listing. 
  • Get detailed demographics of respondents.
  • Understand the reasoning behind their selection in the form of a comment. 
  • Get new keywords ideas that you not have thought of. 
  • Focus your SEO efforts on niche and targeted keywords.

How it works?

  • Describe your test scenario (or use a pre-defined template).  Do not reveal any keywords in the test question or in the images.
  • At the end, you will receive a unique test URL to invite a friend or a colleague.  You may also order responses from our panel.
  • After your test begins, Ninjafeedback platform handles respondent on-boarding, data collection, and reporting.
  • You can access the test results in real-time with detailed demographics, keywords searched for, clicked URLs, and the user’s comments.
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Amazon Keyword Research Example

If you have run advertising campaigns with automatic or broad match targeting you know that consumers can discover your products with a variety of keywords. 


Before you start optimizing your listing for SEO, you need to understand the fine balance between competition and opportunities. This is where our crowd-sourced keyword suggestions can help. 


Context is everything when it comes to consumers products. Which is why all of the respondents from Ninjafeedback’s panel are US-residents. 


Here is an example test for a consumer product. Once a test is complete, you have 360-degree view of what users searched for, the clicked result, and his/her demographics information.

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Keyword Research Tool works with

Features & Pricing

Following features are standard for all Ninjafeedback products:

Interactive Reports
Download CSV Data
Respondent Demographics
Real-time Data

Pricing: $1.00 per response 

*Per Response Prices above are for Ninjafeedback panel and subject to change. There is no-cost per response if you bring your own respondents.