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Understand critical human insights to build a better product. Get detailed feedback from our respondent panel or invite a friend or a colleague for free.

  • • 2-Minute Setup
  • • No credit card required
  •    Popular Use Cases
  • Test Titles, Headlines, Domain Names
  • Images ( e-commerce, book covers, app icons)
  • Designs, Mockups, Landing Pages
  • Keyword Research for SEO
  •    and many more
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Ninja Feedback at a glance

Whether you’re validating a design, selling online, or building a data-driven dashboard, you need to create a great first impression. Understanding what your users need and how they use and react to your product or ideas is critical to gaining their trust. Our suite of products makes it simple, convenient, and affordable to get a deep understanding of your users and turn them into happy customers.


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Make Confident Data-driven Decisions

Quickly drill-down, filter, or search through the test results. Spend more refining your ideas and less time in Excel.

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Run Fast & Affordable User Research

Sophisticated features with startup & small-business friendly costs. Quickly set-up and iterate through tests as you learn.

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Enjoy Hassle-free Participant Recruiting

Share the test URL on your website, mailing list, or social media to invite participants for free or use our quality-guaranteed respondent panel.

How it works?

  • To create a test, complete a simple questionnaire and enter the details of your tests (titles, image or URL variants).
  • To start getting feedback in minutes, you may order responses from our panel. At the end, you will also receive a unique test URL to invite a friend or a colleague.
  • After your test begins, Ninjafeedback platform handles respondent on-boarding, data collection, and reporting.
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Meet our products

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Create simple polls to test text, image, or URL variations. Respondents see all variations at once and select the best one. 

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Keyword Research

Describe your search case and get data about the actual keywords people use to perform the search. Works with Amazon, Google, Youtube and Etsy.

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Get screen recording of a user completing pre-defined task(s). Understand user perceptions and usability issues as the users think out loud.

How our products can help you?

QuickPoll - Variation or AB Testing

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 Variation or AB Testing with NinjaFeedback’s QuickPoll is a great option if
  • You are facing a tough choice between two or more variations of a product image, title, mockup or a webpage.
  • You don’t have thousands of users to run split tests.
  • You care about improving conversions and grabbing your users’ attention.
  • You like to take decisions and settle debates based on data rather than intuition. 
Who is it for?
  • It is freelancers, marketers, authors, and entrepreneurs who believe in creating a great first impression of your product.  
  • It is for anyone who believes in putting your best foot forward in front your customers or users.
  • It is for anyone who wants to improve your messaging, increase conversions, and reduce adoption friction or create interest. 

Keyword Research Tool

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 Keyword research tool can help you understand: 
  • How US consumers perform keyword searches for your product or service.
  • Compatible with Amazon, Google, Etsy, and Youtube 
  • Get a 360 view into the consumer’s mind. Find out the typed words, selected keywords from autosuggest, clicked search result, and the reason why user clicked on a result..
Who is it for?
  • Keyword research tool is designed for consumer product sellers, eCommerce merchants.  
  • Marketing and SEO professionals who want to research and discover new keyword ideas.

Replay - User Testing Videos (coming soon)

User Testing Videos
 User Testing with NinjaFeedback’s Replay tool is a great option if
  • You will like to understand deep & qualitative insights on how users interact with your product in the form of screen recording.
  • Discover first impressions, navigation and usability issues. 
  • Benchmark your product against your competitors.
Who is it for?
  • It is for dashboard designers, UX, data, & Product Management professionals,  and entrepreneurs who believe in the power qualitative feedback.  
  • It is for marketers and copywriters who like to understand if their messaging is consistent with their assumptions.

Features & Pricing

Test Text Variations
Test Images
Test URLs
Task Timeline
Task success/skip rate
Price Per Response*$0.49$0.75$6.99

Standard Features for All Products

Following features are standard for all products:

Interactive Reports
Download CSV Data
Respondent Demographics
Real-time Data

*Per Response Prices above are for Ninjafeedback panel and subject to change. There is no-cost per response if you bring your own respondents.