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Getting Started

Welcome to Ninjafeedback, a platform for running quick user and market research tests. Depending on your use case, you can use one of the following Ninjafeedback products.

  • QuickPoll – Test multiple variations of text, image or URL. Participants are asked which variation they prefer and the reason why. Respondents typically select a variation based on its aesthetic appeal but this test can also be used to judge designs, a message or copy, or web page for their trustworthiness, usability or how well it communicates an idea.
  • Minard¬†– With Minard you can test design goals by asking specific questions. By asking either open ended questions you can uncover usability (navigation, layout) and user perception issues. In addition to text-based answer, Minard also allows multiple choice questions with designated correct answers. When using this option, Minard automatically tracks correct answers and amount of time spent per question. Reporting for Minard includes automatic summary and detailed statistics about success/failure percentage along with demographics.
  • Replay –¬†Replay provides the most detailed user interaction in the form of a video. The video captures the screen recording and audio commentary as users interact with the provided URL. For each test, you provide a set of tasks that user needs to perform. The reporting for Reply includes time spent per individual task in addition to the demographics.
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