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Getting Started

Welcome to Ninjafeedback, a platform for running quick user and market research tests. Depending on your use case, you can use one of the following Ninjafeedback products.

  • QuickPoll – Test multiple variations of text, image or URL. Participants are asked which variation they prefer and the reason why. Respondents typically select a variation based on its aesthetic appeal but this test can also be used to judge designs, a message or copy, or web page for their trustworthiness, usability or how well it communicates an idea.
  • AskAmerica– AskAmerica is simple online survey tool to create surveys and polls. You can create open-ended or multiple choice questions. With each survey, you can optionally attach an image or a web URL. This enables you to create surveys for a wide variety of use cases such as user interface, naming, market research, etc.
  • Keyword Research tool – With keyword research tool, you can ask the respondents to perform a web search on Amazon, Google, YouTube or Etsy and get new ideas for keywords. For every response, you will receive detailed search profile including the searched or typed keywords, autosuggetions and respondent demographics.