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Recruiting Participants

There are two ways you can recruit participants for your tests.


  • NinjaFeedback Respondent Panel –  Ninjafeedback panel is comprised of thousands of individuals, receive on-boarding, and have signed NDA. This guarantees high quality responses with minimal delays. Our respondents are physically located in the United States (support for more countries coming soon) and closely resemble US demographics. Pricing for individual responses is affordable and starts at as low as $0.49 during the beta phase. Paid responses can be ordered in “Create New Test” wizard in the checkout step (screenshot below). Please refer to pricing page for updated information.Participant Selection                                                                         Slider control to change the number of paid responses per order. 


  • Your Own Respondents – Recruiting respondents from your own audience is always free. Each test has a unique URL that can be shared with your audience (e.g. email, social media, or a webpage).  URL is displayed after a new test is created and can also be accessed from the “Manage Tests” menu after selecting the test.

Get Invite Url

Screenshot of how to access “Get Invite URL” from the manage tests menu.


Share Url For Test

Screenshot of how to copy the test URL to invite your own respondents.